Kitesurfing courses from beginners to advanced kiters! The BULL Tarifa Kite School offers kitesurfing courses for all levels. Choose your course NOW:

Courses in groups for beginners,    

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Semi-private for beginners to independent kiters, click here

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The BULL Tarifa Kite School is offering efficient and safe kitesurf courses in order for you to become an independent or a professional kitesurfer



Kite school integrated with the design center of Bull - unique in Europe:

The BULL Tarifa Kite School is the exclusive and integrated kitesurf school of BULL Tarifa (designer and manufacturer of kites and windsurf sails since more than 20 years). This integration ensures high quality of the kitesurfing courses and equipment always at the edge of development.

High quality of kitesurfing equipment:

The BULL Tarifa kite School uses only the latest models of Bull kites, recognized as high quality, easy to use and very safe. Also students can buy the same kitesurfing equipment they have learned with. For independent kitesurfers, we propose equipment rental, with or without supervision.



Efficient, safe kite courses with a fully legal + certified kitesurf school:

The BULL Tarifa kite School is an IKO affiliated center (International Kiteboarding Organisation), this affiliation means that the school is following the highest international quality standards to organize efficient and safe kite courses.

The BULL Tarifa kite School has an international team of experienced and certified instructors, using the latest teaching methods, making it possible for any student to become an independent kitesurfer.

The BULL Tarifa Kite School is also an international training center for kitesurfing instructors.


Professional training

For those who wish to combine their passion to kite and work, the BULL Tarifa Kite School offers the required training to become an IKO certified instructor.



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For IKO or IWO training (ITC, ATC, MFA, IEC), contact Dominique at: