Video from 2014 kitesurfing camp , BULL is partnering with Lenguaventura


Per coloro che desiderano unire la loro passione per il kite e il lavoro, BULL Kiteschool a Tarifa offre la formazione necessaria per diventare un istruttore certificato IKO.


Le prossime appuntamentos IKO

Corsi di preparazione per istruttori (ITC), 

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Bull School Novita

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Noleggio de kite

Attrezzature completamente                        70,00 Euro / giorno

Solo kite e barra                                             35,00 Euro / giorno

Bordo                                                               25,00 Euro / giorno

Muta                                                                 10,00 Euro / giorno

Noleggio de surf e SUP

Bordo e muta                                                   35,00 Euro / giorno

Solo bordo                                                        25,00 Euro / giorno



Engineering the perfect kite not only takes technological know-how and experience, it also takes a lot of testing. We regularly go out to put our new products to the test.

Last winter, the Bull Team, spent some awesome time in the North-East of Brazil, this is a well known area for consistent perfect wind conditions. The last testing of the new material left everybody surprised, we hardly believed there was so much room for improvement. Enjoy the action!