Discover the wing foil with Bull Tarifa and join the fast growing winger's family.


The wing foil:

The wing foil is a newly created water sport. Kind of combination between windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and foiling, more and more people are becoming addicts. It's a new way to glide over the water, just getting pulled by a wing, bringing totally new feelings, even in lowest wind range (10-12 knots).


In a few minutes, your wing will be ready to use.


The wing foil is safe, easy and quick to learn



Get a starter course and rent the wing foil:


To ease your start with wing foil, you may consider to get a course and then rent/buy.


Course description: 

- introduction to the equipment

- flight exercise on the beach

- practise in water with a SUP, for those without any foiling experience.

- practise in water with a foil board


Courses prices:                          


                      Private       Semi-priv.       Group


 1 * 2h          130€          110€             55€





Wing:             35€ per day  

Sup board:    25€ per day   

Foil board:    50€ per day  





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