Semi-private course

For couples or friends who value the efficiency


- Group of maximum 2 person

- 2 students 1 teacher

- 1 student 1 kite


- Certificate of IKO level

- Rescue boats

- School fully legal and affiliated to the IKO

- All instructors are highly experienced and certified by the IKO

- Course in english, french, spanish, italian

- Last generation of kitesurfing equipment, easy to use and very safe

- Insurance 





Typical program for beginners:


2h course:

After a brief introduction about theory and safety, let's get started. You will learn on how to set-up the kite and you will do your first flight with the kite. 


4h course:

Let's get started in the water. After your first course on the beach, it's time to go to the water. You will learn how to body drag and how to water relaunch your kite (after a drop into the water)..


6h course:

You want to be able to practise by your own after the course? After the body drag, it's time to learn on how to generate power to be able to water start and ride your first meters.  



Price: From 40€ per hour,



Option to share 1 kite between 2 persons

Price: From 30€ per hour, 




Tel: (+34) 956 680 459

(+34) 618 08 17 09


For IKO or IWO training (ITC, ATC, MFA, IEC), contact Dominique at: