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For those who wish to combine their passion and work, come to Tarifa to do your IKO or IWO ITC

In which consists an IKO / IWO ITC ?


This  IKO or IWO Instructor Training Course (ITC) is an intensive training with the objective to train a Kitesurfer or Wingfoiler Instructor. 


The certification of the instructor candidate is depending of individual results and skills.

After the course,  you will be certified IKO or IWO instructor nivel 1  and you will be able to work in most of the countries in the worl or open your own school. 

The ITC is lasting 5 days, normally  9h30 - 7h00 pm and is organized in our school Bull in Tarifa.



Who can attend the Instructors Training Course (ITC) ?

- Be at least 18 years old.

- Have a valid MFA certificate (or do the course during the training).

- For an IKO ITC:

         - Be a certified IKO assistant (you can do it with us just before the ITC)

         - Be a kite surfer with a level equivalent to level 4. A riding test is done during the training.

 Check the details of IKO level 4 kiteboarder:

- For an IWO ITC:

         - Pass the online self study IWO module 1.

         - Wingfoil skills: jibe, tack, catching swell. A riding test is done during the training.

More details about IWO:


 What does the ITC fee includes ?

- IKO or IWO Instructor Manual

- NEW: One year's Professional and Recreational Liability insurance

- 1 year of IKO or IWO membership

- Access to global job offers

- Full access to eLearning,  eBooks, Teaching videos and eCourses


2024 Training Calendar




(Assistant Training Course: 5 days)


(Medical First Aid:

1/2 day)


(Instructors Training Course: 5 days)

 IKO / KITESURF  11-15/03/2024 15/03/2024 


IKO / KITESURF 15-19/04/2024 19/04/2024  22-26/04/2024 
IKO / KITESURF 20-24/05/2024 24/05/2024 27-31/05/2024 
IWO / WINGFOIL NA 03/08/2024 30/07-03/08/2024 
IKO / KITESURF 17-21/06/2024 21/06/2024  24-28/06/2024 
IKO / KITESURF 16-20/09/2024 20/09/2024  23-27/09/2024 
IKO / KITESURF 21-25/10/2024 25/10/2024  28/10-01/11/2024 
IKO / KITESURF 18-22/11/2024  22/11/2024  25-29/11/2024   



What is a Medical First Aid Course (MFA) ?

 The Medical First Aid Course (MFA) is one of the requirements for Instructor Training Course (ITC). If you have already a MFA certificate of less than 2 years, you will have to bring it for the Instructor Training Course (ITC). The MFA course is divided into 2 parts: one part is online (+-1-2 days) the second part is a classroom course (+-4-6 hours long) and it is organized in our BULL Tarifa kite School.


What does the MFA fee includes ?

-  Access to online videos and e-tests.

-  MFA certificate valid for 2 years


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(+34) 618 08 17 09


For IKO or IWO training (ITC, ATC, MFA, IEC), contact Dominique at: