Surf lessons

The BULL Tarifa School is offering surf lessons for beginners and advanced students


We organize group courses (3-4 people), semi-private course (2 people) or private course (1 person).

If you want to practice on your own, we also offer rental equipment.


Surf courses alternate theory on the sand and practice in the water.





Course description:

 - Introduction to the board, paddle, leash, safety and use

- Introduction to the environment: beach setting, currents, weather, wind

- Safety and priority

- Warming

- Practice in the water


Key techniques of surf:

- Beginners: lying, standing, support and posture

- Advanced: takeoff, wave trajectory reading, front side and backside



                       Private                Semi-private            Group

                        course                     course                  course

 1 * 2h               80€                   50€                  45€
 3 * 2h             235€                 140€                 125€

 5 * 2h             350€                 225€                 200€


Rental: from 25€ per day