Kitesurfing courses


Master Clinic






For those who are riding alone and are looking for one very intensive week of kitesurfing practise.


- 5 intensive days , 35 hours of course in total

- Group of 6 persons maximum with a certified coach

- Each person with his kite

- Level required: IKO 3K (riding alone upwind) 

- Theorical course in classroom

- Course in water with video analysis

- Certificate of level

- Rescue boats

- School fully legal and affiliated to the IKO

- All experienced and IKO certified instructors

- Last generation equipment, easy to use and very safe

- Insurance

For any independent kitesurfers who are looking for an intensive week of kitesurfing practise (35 hours of course within 5 days), the Master Clinic is the solution.


The Master Clinic is  an advanced 5 days program, developed to improve your  kitesurfing skills, with the possibility to explore various angles of kitesurf (freeride, freestyle, wave) with the support of a professional coach. 


A standard schedule is offered that can be adapted to the kitesurfer’s need and weather conditions. Video analysis and debriefing permit to improve faster and to visualize progress and tips to reach your goal.




35 hours course (without equipment):                           590€

Option to rent equipment for 5 days:                             300€    


Tel: (+34) 956 680 459

(+34) 618 08 17 09


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